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Comments to Greendale Board of Education and Press Release

P.A.G.E. understands that Greendale Schools will propose a Black History/ Ethnic Studies class, to be taught at Greendale High School, at this evening's meeting. While we are pleased to see better representation introduced to the curriculum, the lack of further information on the planning process and context raises concerns that this proposal has not been comprehensively thought out, is not sufficiently supported with systemic reform of the core curriculum, and that as it currently stands, it may actually undermine the goal of broader representation in our schools’ curriculum.

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A Statement to the Greendale School District Board

I would like to encourage Greendale schools to audit their curriculum to ensure that LBGTQIA+ individuals are represented in history and other courses, and encourage staff to become familiar with resources like History UnErased and GLSEN. I would also like to remind the high school administrators that we desperately need the GSA to be revived in a way that LGBTQIA+ students and their allies will feel comfortable taking part.

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PAGE Opinion Piece: SROs in Schools

The Milwaukee and Madison school districts voted unanimously to end their police in schools contract, as have other districts across the country, and others are discussing it, such as Green Bay. Similar conversations are happening in nearby suburbs like Waukesha and Burlington. Is it time to reconsider the Greendale School District’s contract with the police department to have School Resource Officers (SROs) in our schools?

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